Thursday, February 26, 2009


so its been a while! i have been so busy sewing and careing for my lil man, and big one too, that i have neglected this blog! so here is a fast update!

i am no longer selling at the bambootique congo on hyena cart, but i am still stocking over at the whole shebang congo! and i have recently oped and artfire account so check me out there!

oh my! as i am sitting here typing this my boy, who has gotten quite tall this last week, is taking everything he can off my dresser and nicely placing it on the floor!

anywho... i have a few new things in the works here and we will see which ones stick! i am trying to get into making some funky recucled accessories like pendants, clips, and ponytailers, i am trying to get busy on batiking, i have a few more felt food orders to finish up then i am taking a short break from that and playing with my wax and dye! i have some fun things planned with it too! i want to get into making reusable produce bags, shopping bags, snack bags, bowl cover! ahhh its alot

once i get caught up on the felt food im looking for people who would like to do colabs with me for dyed and batik fabrics to sewinto w/e!

man oh man! i have some sewing to do! i need to:
-make a teddy carrier for my lil bro
-make a dress for my littlest sis that i said i was gunna make her for christmas
-make a quilt out of my hr fish fabric
-finish gathering my fav fabrics for my quilt so i can sew up that (ill make another list for that! LOL)
-sew up the boys fleece pants, which now im thinking are going to be shorts cuz it should be getting wamer
-sew up my produce bags
-finish the edges on my wrap and sew on the carry bag so i can dye it
-sew up my play canopies so i can dye those
wow! im going to be busy! maybe this post will help me stay on track! i will try to post pics as i go along!

so here are the fabrics im wanting in i think at least 8x8?:
-rocket rascals
-ooga booga (all 3 of them)
im so bad with names... i know there are more! oh well

ok well i have to go but ill try to be back! oh and leave me a comment so i know im not the only one who stops here !

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