Thursday, October 16, 2008

new email! and dead laptop!

hey everyone! so i have been busy, busy, busy!!! i am about to be on 2 congos on hyena cart one is the bambootique and the other is the whole SHEbang! (will post links later!) and i have recently changed my email address to something more manageable w/o so many letters! so to reach me (besides on here) type in mooshymon-boo AT hotmail DOT com (replacing the CAP words w/ symbols) and ill get back at ya asap! you can also place custom orders through there!
if you have any suggestions on what i should make as far as foods go or pricing input please dont hesitate to email me! i love getting input!
i will be back soon with more pics of the stuff i have made recently! my laptop is dying, well the power cable is dead so pics will be limited til i can get a new one!
thanks for stoppin by and show me some love by posting comments!!!

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