Wednesday, September 22, 2010

too cool giveaway!

Win up to $3000 in prizes including a gift certificate, jewelry, handbags, the ever popular ooga fabric... there is so many awesome things going on over there you just have to check it out. They are helping a great cause too!
Giveaway Ends 9/26, and let them know "Jessica C. tiboschick05 at m s n dot com" sent you (that 05 is a zero five)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


so its been a while! i have been so busy sewing and careing for my lil man, and big one too, that i have neglected this blog! so here is a fast update!

i am no longer selling at the bambootique congo on hyena cart, but i am still stocking over at the whole shebang congo! and i have recently oped and artfire account so check me out there!

oh my! as i am sitting here typing this my boy, who has gotten quite tall this last week, is taking everything he can off my dresser and nicely placing it on the floor!

anywho... i have a few new things in the works here and we will see which ones stick! i am trying to get into making some funky recucled accessories like pendants, clips, and ponytailers, i am trying to get busy on batiking, i have a few more felt food orders to finish up then i am taking a short break from that and playing with my wax and dye! i have some fun things planned with it too! i want to get into making reusable produce bags, shopping bags, snack bags, bowl cover! ahhh its alot

once i get caught up on the felt food im looking for people who would like to do colabs with me for dyed and batik fabrics to sewinto w/e!

man oh man! i have some sewing to do! i need to:
-make a teddy carrier for my lil bro
-make a dress for my littlest sis that i said i was gunna make her for christmas
-make a quilt out of my hr fish fabric
-finish gathering my fav fabrics for my quilt so i can sew up that (ill make another list for that! LOL)
-sew up the boys fleece pants, which now im thinking are going to be shorts cuz it should be getting wamer
-sew up my produce bags
-finish the edges on my wrap and sew on the carry bag so i can dye it
-sew up my play canopies so i can dye those
wow! im going to be busy! maybe this post will help me stay on track! i will try to post pics as i go along!

so here are the fabrics im wanting in i think at least 8x8?:
-rocket rascals
-ooga booga (all 3 of them)
im so bad with names... i know there are more! oh well

ok well i have to go but ill try to be back! oh and leave me a comment so i know im not the only one who stops here !

Monday, December 1, 2008

where to buy...

ok so its been a while since i have added to this... but you can now buy my felt food and lots of other fun stuff that im doin' on Hyena cart... Im on the Bambootique congo and The Whole SHEbang congo.
i have been really busy getting orders out and stocking the 2 hyena carts. i also take requests! i am started on a mobile for a super nice mom and some felt applique pieces that will go on pillows! its fun!
well i need to get back to sewing these grapes im working on so ill check back in when i get the chance!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

new email! and dead laptop!

hey everyone! so i have been busy, busy, busy!!! i am about to be on 2 congos on hyena cart one is the bambootique and the other is the whole SHEbang! (will post links later!) and i have recently changed my email address to something more manageable w/o so many letters! so to reach me (besides on here) type in mooshymon-boo AT hotmail DOT com (replacing the CAP words w/ symbols) and ill get back at ya asap! you can also place custom orders through there!
if you have any suggestions on what i should make as far as foods go or pricing input please dont hesitate to email me! i love getting input!
i will be back soon with more pics of the stuff i have made recently! my laptop is dying, well the power cable is dead so pics will be limited til i can get a new one!
thanks for stoppin by and show me some love by posting comments!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


ok so these prices are subject to change.. im still working out the kinks on this listing...
smores: 4 graham crackers, 2 chocolate squares, 2 melted marshmallows $7

pancake breakfast:
1 pancake with syrup and butter, choice of 1 fruit, 2 pieces of bacon (can sub 1 egg for fruits or bacon) $12

big breakfast: 1 pancake with syrup and butter, choice of 1 fruit, 2 slices of bacon, 1 egg sunny side up $14

fruit basket: PICK 3: 2 orange wedges, 2 apple wedges, 1 slice of watermelon, 1 small bunch of purple grapes, or 2 strawberries $13

PB&J sandwich: 2 slices of bread, 1 glob of peanut butter, 1 glob of jelly, 2 slices of banana $13

build your own sandwich: 2 slices of bread, 1 lettuce leaf, 2 slices of tomatoes, 1 piece of cheese (swiss or cheddar), 1 piece of lunch meat (round meat in pink or light brown) $15

build your own pita sandwich: 1 pita pocket, 1 lettuce leaf, 2 tomato slices (or wedges), 2 cucumber slices, 1 slice of cheese (cheddar or swiss) $15

bag of crispy chips: 1 chip bag with velcro closure and 5 crispy potato chips $6

build a pizza: 4 slices (to make a whole pizza) with sauce and cheese, 2 pepperoni or canadian bacon, 2 mushrooms or 4 pineapple chunks, 3 slices of bell peppers $25

slice of pie or cheesecake:
1 slice of chocolate, strawberry (red), pumpkin, or cheesecake topped with whip cream $10

holiday treats: 1 slice of pie with whip cream and 3 jam filled cookies cookies (these are avail in red jam or purple jam at this moment in time) $15

cookies: 2 chocolate chunk cookies, 2 iced cookies in pink, blue, white, or chocolate with sprinkles, 2 jam filled cookies (red or purple jam) $14

slice of birthday cake: your choice of white or chocolate cake with blue, pink or chocolate filling and whip cream with a lit candle on the top and decoration on the back $18

slice of cake: your choice of white or chocolate cake with blue, pink or chocolate filling sprinkles on the top and decoration on the back $16

bag of popcorn: 18 pieces of various sizes in white and yellow this comes all in a cute little popcorn bag! due to the time this one take it is $30

one of everything:
this includes 1 of everything you see here (only 1 breakfast order and pick either birthday cake or regular) for $185+shipping
if you buy more than 1 of these get free shipping and $20 off each additional set up to 2, $10 after that up to 5

ok so these prices are negotiable but please keep in mind that the majority of these will be hand sewn!

reminder: these are hand done.. i am not a machine so these will not be 100% perfect, however i do strive for it. if i am not satisfied with the end result i will not ship it like that!
made in a smoke free home with 2 fur baby kitties so a stray hair is possible but i inspect every piece before they go out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


hey! and thanks for stoppin' by my blog! hopefully you will see lots of delightful things here to purchase! i should be able to post every week with things that i have created or what i have been up to!

as of right now i am working on my felt food orders! it is going very well! and its definitely keeping me busy, as if having a 13 month old isnt enough :) but its fun so i dont mind!
here is what i have been up to so far!